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Welcome to SPEED Organising
Start a clutter free and simpler life

   We support you to:

  • Organise any space in your home

  • Make spaces work more effectively

  • Reduce clutter and live a clutter free life

  • Make decisions about clearing out your space

  • Sort and file your papers 

  • Move your belongings to a new home

  • Establish and maintain systems to stay organised

...the person behind Speed Organising:

Hi, my name is Ute Quink and I am the founder and director of SPEED Organising, a professional organising company who works with people who want to change their life. For more than 20 years I gained experience in supporting small business owners as well as non-profit and government organisations to improve their services, organisational structures and operational procedures. I worked in organisations based in various countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. I am holding a Master in Economics from the University of Bonn (Germany) as well as a Master of Business by Research from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) focusing my research on Knowledge and Information Management. I also have a Certificate in Interior Design from the Interior Design Institute (IDI). Being passionate about organising procedures and structures and seeing how much they can help in saving time and money made me start my own consulting business. I love to share my passion with others and help them to improve their own business, their organisations or their homes.

Ute Quink


What is a Professional Organiser?

Even being a fairly new profession, the definition of a Professional Organiser has found its way into Wikipedia: Professional Organising is an industry that has been developed in order to help individuals and businesses to design systems and processes using organising principles and transferring skills. We help those people who are busy or stressed to develop organising strategies, redesign their space, teach them organising skills and provide information and encouragement to them.


What will it cost me to hire SPEED Organising?

Prices vary, we usually charge between $60 and $75 per hour but we often work on a project basis (2-5 hours for a project) and can offer follow-up sessions by request. If projects need a longer time, package prices might be applicable and these are usually based on prices which are less than the hourly rate.  


What do I need to do prior to my first organising session?

Nothing! Please don't try to clean up or sort before the initial consultation as it is important for us to see your home or office on a "usual" day in order to be able to assess the scope of the project. 


Will the session be confidential?

Yes! We operate under a policy of strict confidentiality and we are aware of the fact that you are inviting us to your home or your office to discuss a topic which might be stressful for you or you might be sensitive about.