Stay Focused While Working from Home

For many of us, working from home is new and probably not as exciting as you thought it would be. Yes, you certainly save time by not being stuck in traffic each day but there are many distractions at home which can make it harder to achieve the same results and productivity levels that you would in the office.

The secret to maintaining a high level of productivity is to set yourself some rules and daily routines and to follow them. If you don’t live by yourself, you should get your family on board as well. Rules and daily routines can reduce stress, make us more efficient, and save time. The following rules will help you to stay focused so you can achieve your objectives while working from home.

Set up a dedicated workspace Identify a dedicated working area that feels professional and inspiring and claim it! Make sure that everybody in your household knows that this is your workspace and it’s not a place to dump the mail, kids homework or the latest magazines. Try to make it a comfortable and inspiring place with a practical and big enough desk or table, a supportive chair, and good lighting. Set up plenty of storage space so that you don’t have piles of papers on your desk. Sometimes even a small roll container can do the trick.

Set up a daily timetable and routines Define your working hours and let your family know that this is the time when they should not disturb you. Have fixed breaks in between for having a chat with family or friends, for having lunch or just for refreshing your mind.

Set certain routines, like reading and answering emails, working on projects or business calls within your dedicated working hours. Work in blocks and try not to multitask or get distracted by surfing the internet.

Stay in touch with your colleagues or clients Working by yourself can easily make you feel isolated. Having a chat with your colleagues or your clients reminds you that you are not the only one working from home at the moment and can help stimulate your productivity. With all the modern technology it is even easy to schedule a group meeting on zoom, skype or any other platform to discuss current topics, brainstorm new ideas or just find out how the others are progressing.

Stay healthy Sitting at home at your desk most of your day is not good for your health. Try to get some exercise into your daily routine and go for a walk in the evening, or even get your bike out of the garage. Take your kids with you or invite a friend or neighbour to join you, this way you are not thinking of work and you will feel relaxed and fresh for the next day.

I hope you’re inspired to start your work from home and take control of your workspace, systems, and time. Organising these three areas will help you to optimise your home-based business and find some balance in your life. Let me know if you need some support!

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