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Any office needs to be organised and functional - no matter if you have your office at home or somewhere else. Unfortunately, at home offices or small business offices we often see that the working space becomes a “dumping ground” for all kind of things. There are no systems in place to organise incoming mail, documents, invoices, and other paperwork. The same goes for emails and electronic documents. Hard drives are often overloaded with old emails and outdated documents, and there is hardly any structure in the electronic filing system. With missing systems, you are wasting precious time to search for documents you can’t find or wasting money by paying fees for overdue invoices. Time you could spend on marketing to attract new customers (or even just having more time for yourself) and money you could certainly spend on better things.

As part of our services we:

  • Declutter your workspace

  • Review your current filing systems and make recommendations

  • Develop and implement an archiving system for your paperwork and electronic files which makes sense to you

  • Discuss and create procedures how to handle incoming and outgoing documents and projects​



Workshops are a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and meet other small business owners and like minded people. Helping small business owners get the resources they need to help their businesses succeed is one of our main goals.

Some of our favorite workshops are:

  • Get organised and stay this way – we discuss with you where your clutter on your desk and in your files come from and how to get rid of it; how you can establish systems to keep the clutter away; how to manage your papers, files, emails and digital files.

  • Stop being busy and start being productive – we are addressing interruptions, over committing, poor planning, multitasking, email, meetings and procrastination and how to shift your attention from the problem to the solution.



If you want to learn at your own pace how to get organised and manage your paper clutter. set up your systems, and improve your productivity. Then one of our e-courses might be the right option for you. Due to its convenience and flexibility, our resources are available from anywhere and at any time.

Some topics of our e-courses are:

  • How to declutter your workspace and paperwork

  • How to set up a filing system

  • How to set up an archive system

  • How to manage my time and become more productive

You can choose e-courses from only unit up to the full e-course package. E-courses will be delivered to you by email and you can decide yourself when to start and how many units you want to do each day or week. Course material includes videos, information material, and checklists. 



 Consulting Services

All services (like office decluttering, implementing paper systems, introducing time management, etc.) are offered on the basis of individual needs. Hourly rates are starting with $75 for the first hour and $55 for any additional hour. Package prices are offered for longer projects with a 10% discount.


Prices for workshops for up to 15 participants are starting with $450 for a 2 hour workshop and $150 for every additional hour.

Travelling costs

Depending on your location, travelling costs might apply