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What can we do for You? 

SPEED Organising is a Brisbane based company and offers  professional organising services for your home or your office.
We offer a variety of services all designed especially to help you to organise your life, declutter your home, or your office, help you to move to a new home, starting today!

So, what can a Professional Organiser do for you?

The list of what we do is quiet long as it always depends on the needs of the client. Here some examples of the services most asked for:


Home Organising

We will come to your home and discuss which parts of your home you think needs to be better organised. We work with you hands on to organise and redesign your space like for example your kitchen, laundry, bedrooms (including wardrobes) your home office or your garage. We advise you on the best organising tools and strategies for each specific area. Some clients want their documents organised like invoices, bill payments, insurances etc. We help you streamline processes so that you will never again waste time searching for an important document or pay a fee for paying your bills too late. Did you know that we waste 16 per cent of our time with searching for something? Based on a normal 8 hour work day we are wasting more than an hour each day, 5 hours per week and 260 hours per year! Time we could spend  more rewarding with our family or just having some extra time for ourselves. Another area clients want to be better organised in is task management like for example meal planning or setting up cleaning schedules.  


Office Organising

We will meet you at your office to advise you on how to organise your space more user friendly and efficient, as well as on how daily processes can be streamlined to make your work easier and more productive. Having problems with your current filing system? We can help you to get your filing system in order and advise you on the processes and tools needed to keep your filing system organised and up to date.


Relocating, Moving or Downsizing?

Moving your household into a new place is always stressful, no matter if you are moving just from one suburb to another or if you are moving in with someone for the first time or if you have decided to move into a retirement place. There are so many things to consider like: What do I keep? What do I need to purchase new? What to pack first? How to relocate my utilities? And the list goes on...  But it is also an exciting time as you start from scratch to get your home organised and comfortable. We can help you to prepare a checklist of things need to be done from 2 months before the move, the moving day itself and in the first days living in your new home in order to make the moving process as easy and stress-free as possible for you. 



The time invested into getting organised can be anything from a few hours to several weeks, this always depends on the size of the space, documents or tasks you want to get organised, the amount of clutter you have accumulated and your willingness to commit to the project. Our aim is not only to get you organised but to teach you skills that will allow you to maintain your new, more organised environment in order to save time and money as well as reduce your stress and increase your productivity so that you can live a happy life!



Let us help you to avoid stress and make your life easier!


Any questions? Just contact us to discuss what we might be able to do for you